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You can have a website, but it's worthless unless people can

You can have a website, but it's worthless unless people can

Postby admin » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:36 am

You can have a website, but it's worthless unless people can find it!

Make sure your pages are search engine friendly and ready!

Have you ever searched the Web with a specific phrase, hoping to find distinct products or information, but many of the results were vague or incoherent sites? This can be a common problem. You want to make sure your customers have few difficulties finding your products.

First, make sure major search engines include your site. This may require investing time and money to improve your ranking. Second, make sure your site is clearly written, and make sure relevant keywords appear in a way that does not resemble email spam. By doing these two things, you will be more likely to have a site that appears near the top of search engines for important keywords, and you will have a site that is coherent and inviting.

Choose keyword phrases that work with the product or service you are promoting and that are the same terms as people's keywords and key-phrases. Also choose the terms which generate the most traffic for your press release. You could also consider rewriting releases based on the different search terms and submitting them to the search engines. Make sure to place the keywords or keyword phrases into the headline as well as the body of the release.

Just as one should watch for keyword errors, watch for overgeneralizations. Researching and careful writing will help a site gain respect.

SE Basics: What is a Spider?
Search engine spiders are actually programs used by search engines to collect content on web pages from website across the Internet. Spiders collect information based on the request of the program. Data such as website title, description, keyword meta-tags, content, links, and email are gathered and returned.

When you enter keywords for your pages enter keywords:

1. Put yourself in your Clients place. What would YOU type in to find your site?

Where can you generate keywords for your pages?

Not every keyword will have a busy season. However, if one is dealing with products or services that sell in different numbers from month to month, one should take advantage of seasonal business. During "off" months, be sure to plan a strategy for the busy season. However, do not stop doing business in case a person wishes to make a purchase well ahead of time.

Busy seasons typically have a slow buildup, during which more people become more interested in the product, followed by a brief time of brisk business. After the holiday/occasion passes, there are often short lived clearance sales. No retailer should risk being caught off guard and selling too late to get the most profit.

Where can you promote your site? http://selfpromotion.com/
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